Number of international students

In 2017-2018 Holland hosted 122,000 international students.

During the academic year 2017-18 over 122,000 international students studied in Dutch higher education. This is the highest number ever recorded in Holland. This group consists of all bachelor- and master students. A total of 81,392 internationally mobile students were enrolled in an accredited degree programme in public higher education.

At least 11,500 were credit mobile students from other European countries on exchange or work placement in the Netherlands with the Erasmus+ programme. Over 19,360 students were credit mobile who came to the Netherlands from countries outside the EU/EEA. These international students had a total of 164 different nationalities. 

Popular subject areas of enrolled international students

  • 1.            Economics & Business
  • 2.            Human & Social Sciences
  • 3.            Engineering

Countries of origin of international students in Holland

  • 1.            Germany: 22,189
  • 2.            China: 4,347
  • 3.            Italy: 3,347
  • 4.            Belgium: 2,976
  • 5.            United Kingdom: 2,778 

Infographic - international students

More information

The figures on this page are approximate. You can find more detailed information in the publication below: 

Update incoming student mobility in Dutch higher education 2016-17(933 kB)

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